Made from reclaimed oak offcuts (these first batch were from a company specialising in staircases), these charcuterie boards have real character. The grain is unique on each one and they are finished with several coats of mineral oil followed by a sealing wax. A beautifully made, heavy duty antique iron handle is then fitted to the end grain. 


As these are made from reclaimed wood, sizes can vary slightly, but typically they are around 470mm long and 180mm wide. If there is a specific length or width you are after, just get in touch.



To keep these looking great, avoid putting them in the dishwasher and wipe clean only. When it begins looking tired, or shows wear simply wipe a layer of food safe mineral oil or cutting board butter (available from me on market days). Its a good idea to store it on its edge as this will help minimise any wood movement, but its not essential and down to personal choice. If you need any advice or have any concerns, just get in touch. 

Oak Charcuterie Board