As with all wooden furniture, a little love goes a long way to protecting your furniture and extending its life.



We use a wax/oil blend that is child friendly, pet friendly and eco friendly. It is recommended to apply this once a year to dining tables, and once every two years on other items.

Oil/Wax Finishes

Antique Oak   

125ml -£15      375ml -£25


125ml -£15      375ml -£25

Natural Oak   

125ml -£15      375ml -£25


125ml -£15      375ml -£25

Silk Grey   

125ml -£15      375ml -£25

Top Oil (chopping boards)   

125ml -£15   500ml -£25

If you are unsure what product you need, just ask.


These are very easy to use, once you have ensured the table is dust and dirt free, simply apply the oil thinly with a lint free cloth.

Then use a second lint free cloth to wipe excess off in the direction of the grain. If you have any problems or need any information or advice, please get in touch.

Further detailed information is on the manufacturers tin.

 Exterior Furniture

As with all wooden furniture, maintenance is needed to keep it looking fresh, and to extend its life span. This is particularly important with exterior furniture. It is strongly recommended to cover all exterior wooden furniture when not in use, as well as keep up with annual treatments. 


We sell a variety of treatments for exterior furniture. If you are unsure what you need, please get in touch. 

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